Tuesday 24 April 2007

Andrew Pelling MP Opposes The Arena

My thanks to Andrew Pelling MP for forwarding his letter to Ruth Kelly, in which he outlines his opposition to Croydon Council's CPO on the land adjacent to East Croydon station.

Text of letter:

"The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
Government Office for London
Planning Division
9th Floor Riverwalk House
157-161 Millbank London SW1P 4RR

Ref: apls0004353CPO

12 February 2007

Dear Secretary of State,

The London Borough of Croydon (Land West of East Croydon Station, the Gateway Site) Compulsory Purchase Order 2007. Compulsory Purchase of Land and New Rights in Croydon Town Centre.

I am writing on behalf of my constituents to object to the above CPO.

I would ask that the CPO is not confirmed by the Secretary of State so that my constituents may benefit from the immediate development of the site. The earlier development of the site should provide housing, including affordable housing, and office development which will assist in the rejuvenation of the local office market.

I consider that a possible two year delay, whilst the CPO is contested, will damage the interests of my constituents and those of the town. This delay will also deter potential investors from investing in Croydon.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Pelling GLAM MP

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