Friday 27 April 2007

Croydon Council's Volte Face

Steve Collins, of the Canning & Clyde Road Residents' Association, dropped me a note the other day about the incoming Tory council's change of mind wrt the arena:


"In the run-up to last May's local election we asked the Conservative opposition for their policy on the Gateway site. We received a 'no arena' reply from their Croydon Agent and this was reinforced by (all but one of the 3) the Tory candidates for our Addiscombe Ward.

We were therefore rather gob-smacked that when elected the new leadership picked up the arena scheme with even more vigour than the old!

The excuse was the contract that existed btw LBC and Arrowcroft. We were refused access to this, but used the FOI act to eventually get a copy.

We wrote to Fisher pointing out that because of non-compliance by Arrowcroft to satisfy an important (viability) clause in the contract, it was therefore terminated.

They chose not to terminate, but instead made some addendum that suddenly made it 'satisfactory'

Quite a volte face, wouldn't you say?

The question is, why have the council moved the goalposts wrt the viability clause?

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