Thursday 16 August 2007

The Warehouse Theatre Statement of Case

The Warehouse Theatre have submitted their statement of case, ie objection to the arena plan, which resolutely destroys Arrowcroft's claims that they wish to help the Warehouse Theatre survive.


"Our central objection to the CPO is that the phasing of the Arrowcroft scheme would mean that the Warehouse Theatre would be forced to close for a period of approximately three years, and consequently the business of the Warehouse Theatre would be lost.

Arrowcroft's proposed new Warehouse Theatre is provided as a concession through the draft section 106 agreement dated 11 June 2007, and that drawing PL050 does not form part of Arrowcroft's planning application. Therefore it requires a new planning application to be made for it. Neither do Arrowcroft's proposals provide a new Warehouse Theatre which meets our brief and business plan.

Furthermore Arrowcroft has only offered to make a contribution towards the cost of providing a new theatre and does not therefore ensure the relocation, and in consequence the survival, of the Warehouse Theatre

A cynic might consider that the Arrowcroft offer is nothing more than a cynical ploy for media consumption, made in the knowledge that it is in fact a poisoned chalice designed to kill off the Warehouse Theatre. This has already been commented on before (see "Follow The Money").

The complete statement of case by the Warehouse Theatre can be downloaded here Statement of Case.

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