Friday 31 August 2007

Council Ignores Citizens of Croydon

Councillor Andrew Price is quoted in today's Croydon Advertiser, on the subject of the council's much derided plans for their unwanted and unloved arena.


"We've been overwhelmed by how many people have replied and the strength of feeling there is against the arena. The results show that over many years the people of Croydon have been ignored by the council."

The Advertiser also talks about the survey carried out by Councillor Price and his colleagues, the results of which were featured on this site last Sunday.

I would, at this stage, have liked to have said that the strength of feeling against the arena should come as no surprise to those in the council who are championing it.

However, since the council have never bothered to ask for the views of the citizens of Croydon about the arena (even though they misleadingly claim that they have) it may well come as a "surprise" to them.

That being said the council do visit this site (and regularly, where the arguments for the arena have been soundly demolished over the past few years. Therefore it is "disappointing", and rather surprising, that they have continued to push ahead with this unwanted and unloved development.

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Anonymous said...

Jolly good weeze getting your local councillors to oppose the thing and yet rail road the arena through anyway! Perfect doorstep politics? "Your local councillors are against the arena" But its being built anyway!