Wednesday 12 September 2007

Planning Committee Approve Arena

Thursday 6th September saw the Croydon Council Planning Committee unanimously approve the Arena scheme again.

The Planning Committee Councillors were Councillors Mogul, Mansell, Khan, Scott, Winbourne, Gatland, Wright, Osland, Hopley and Clancey.

Councillor Winbourne is a Fairfield Ward Councillor but had no problem voting for it, indeed she is quoted as saying:

"My ward has lots of concerns, however it brings much needed regeneration to the Ward"

Her view is at variance with the citizens of Croydon and indeed certain other councillors who are publicly opposing the Arena.

Addiscombe Councillor, Andrew Price spoke eloquently and summed up the objections from; local Addiscombe councillors, Andrew Pelling MP, Warehouse Theatre, Network Railway. He pleaded with the committee not to endorse this application.

Councillors Mansell, Scott, and Clancy all commented on the welcome addition of the Warehouse Theatre to the plans. However, they fail to recognise that it is still an inadequate proposal that is not capable of delivering the theatre a sustainable future.

Why does the ward councillor back the Arena, when there is clearly so much opposition to the Arena?

Democracy in action!

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