Tuesday 18 September 2007


It would appear that, if the reports are to be believed, day one of the public inquiry into the arena development was not a resounding success wrt logistics.

The Croydon Guardian notes:

"Televisual equipment was out of order and dozens of people were left in the foyer of the Jury's Inn hotel straining to hear what was going on.

One resident said: 'This is an absolute travesty - this is supposed to be a public inquiry and we cannot hear a word of what is being said

Maybe Croydon Council will begin to realise that they have underestimated the strength of feeling against the arena.

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Anonymous said...

The room is more like a marketing suite for Arrowcroft and the Arena rather than an independent inquiry.

Each wall is covered in images of the Arena and buildings.

How can the inspector be seen to be independent in these circumstances?