Monday 8 October 2007

The Elephant in The Room II

On the 13th of September I asked:

"If the Arena is such a good commercially viable project, as Arrowcroft and Croydon Council would have us believe, why is that no one has yet been found to take it on and run it (in the event that it is built)?"

I am pleased to see that the inquiry into the flawed, and misguided, plans of Croydon Council to build and arena on the Gateway site have now been told that Arrowcroft has been unable to sign up an anchor sports team for the arena. This of course knocks a major hole in their financial projections, and their claim that the project is commercially viable.

This is the point that many people have been making for years.

Sign the petition against the arena via this link on the Number 10 website: Petition

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Anonymous said...

It is also interesting to note that AEG, the owners of the O2, have written to the Inquiry stating they do not support a 'network' of arenas around London as Arrowcroft suggested should happen, and they also think the London arena provision is at saturation point!