Sunday 14 October 2007

The Place of Turmoil

Architectural expert Professor Robert Tavernor has told the inquiry into the CPO that the Arrowcroft development has no architectural merit, and stated that the site would end up as a "place of turmoil."


"Far too much is being asked of the scheme and the site for the development to function properly."

Source Croydon Advertiser

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Timothy Godfrey said...

It would also seem that the Architect of the Arrowcroft Scheme, Mr Michael Aukett also agrees. He stated at the inquiry that he did not like the design of the actual arena, nor the positioning of its entrances.

Mr Aukett is a well respected Architect that has simply been asked to make too many compromises.

For years he has talked about active street frontages, yet on his scheme Dingwall Road is turned into a high wall with a supermarket entrance and not much else. Hardly an active street frontage!