Tuesday 20 November 2007

Closing Arguments

Croydon Gateway Limited Partnership (CGLP), a joint venture between developer Stanhope and Schroders, presented its closing arguments to the public inquiry into the arena development on Monday.

Keith Lindblom QC, for CGLP, said:

"CGLP's proposals are so distinctly superior in numerous respects to the Arrowcroft scheme that there is plainly a compelling case in the public interest to reject the CPO, thus preventing the possibility of Arrowcroft's scheme replacing a development of world class quality and function, or at best causing it still further unnecessary delay."

CGLP also questioned Arrowcroft's ability to fund the scheme, adding that the Arrowcroft designs were inferior to the CGLP office scheme, and that the arena was not financially or commercially viable.

The decision now rests with Hazel Blears, the Secretary of State, and is not expected to be announced for some months.


Anonymous said...

You say the decision about the Inquiry won't be known for some months. According to the Arrowcroft website they are starting 'on site' in May next year and the Arena will be ready in 2010 "in time for the Olympic Games". More (pretty fragrant) porkies???

Ken Frost said...

Where on the site does it say that?

Anonymous said...

go to croydongateway.com
then planning application
then timetable