Monday 5 November 2007

The Real London Arena

Croydon Council and Arrowcroft would have us believe that their plans for the Croydon arena are viable.

They are very quiet about the O2 arena at Greenwich.

Why is that then?

Read this:

"The O2 promise to deliver the widest range of entertainment possible under one canopied roof. It has the capacity to host 20,000 people in The O2 Arena – a maximum capacity perfect for the big name acts it attracts.

The arena benefits both the punters and the performer with its perfect sight-lines from every angle, crystal clear acoustics, comfortable seating, wide aisles and a huge variety of snacks and beverages.

Ellison said:

'The O2 has changed the face of concert-going by offering visitors an enhanced experience. Visitors can enjoy a first rate meal in one of our 25 bars and restaurants before or after the show.

Our arena food is of the highest quality - we do offer burgers and hotdogs but also stir fries, freshly made sandwiches and salads. People can come down and spend the afternoon there even if they aren't attending a concert. The cinema is hugely popular and attractions like this summer's beach saw over 100,000 people visit.'

It also boasts to have successfully avoided any long waits to the lavatories by fitting 548 toilets into the venue.

Transport links to The O2 also makes the venue one of the most convenient venues available. 'The transport links to The O2 are fantastic,' said Ellison.

'The Jubilee Line carries visitors from Bond Street to North Greenwich in 20 minutes; we own The Thames Clipper service which ferries customers to and from The O2 down to Waterloo and London Bridge Pier every half an hour. There are 2,000 car parking spaces as well as a 24 hour bus service. Customer experience is everything.'

Now ask yourselves this, who the hell do the council and Arrowcroft think that they are kidding when they claim that their arena is viable in the face of competition from the O2 arena?

Read more about the O2 arena here O2

Sign the petition against the arena via this link on the Number 10 website: Petition

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