Friday 7 March 2008

Terror Threat Ignored

The Croydon Advertiser reports that Chief Inspector Phil Willis, in charge of Croydon town centre policing, has warned that neither Croydon council nor Arrowcroft are taking the terror threat arising from their misguided plans for the construction of an arena seriously.

Chief Insp Willis wrote to the planning inspector:

"This venue may be vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Croydon Police reiterate the need to work closely with the counter terrorist security advisor to ensure that this issue is fully addressed as the development progresses

Arrowcroft seemingly is not obliged to liaise with the Met's security advisor, and no contact has been made with them.

Chief Insp Willis added:

"I was disappointed that most of the points made in previous submissions have not been included as conditions for the developers, or obligations under the planning scheme, or covered in response from the developers."

This provides further evidence, as if it were needed, that the arena scheme has not been properly thought through; it will fail.

Monday 3 March 2008

Croydon Council Stalling

In a particularly pathetic attempt to slow the development of The Gateway site down, and favour their preferred project submitted by Arrowcroft, Croydon Council have been stalling on making a decision about the planning application submitted by Stanhope Schroders (the owners of the site) in December 2006.

Stanhope and Schroders have now lodged an appeal against the council.

David Camp, chief executive of Stanhope, and William Hill, director of property at Schroders, is quoted in Property Week as saying:

"Stanhope and Schroders already have planning permission, a fully assembled site and funding in place to commence work on the redevelopment of the Croydon Gateway main site - called Ruskin Square.

It is extremely frustrating to find ourselves in an appeal situation once again particularly when the development in question will deliver the much needed regeneration of a key site and additional affordable housing to Croydon in line with Council policy

Croydon Council, by their actions (or rather their "inactions"), are demonstrating yet again that they are not acting in the best interests of the citizens of Croydon.

The Gateway site, had it not been for the obstacles put up by Croydon Council would have been well on the way to being developed by now.