About Kenfrost.com

Welcome to KenFrost.com "The Living Brand", thank you for taking the time to visit.

The mission of the suite of websites operating under "The Living Brand" label, is to stimulate the intellectual and gastric juices; as well as entertain.

Sites in the KenFrost.com network have been featured by The Voice of America, The Financial Times, Accountancy Age, Accountancy, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, the Channel 4 News website, The Telegraph, The Mail and BBC Radio London. KenFrost.com has been recommended by the journal of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers. Ken has also written for O2 Magazine.

In January 2011 Accountancy Age placed him on their Financial Power List for 2011. He was 42nd on their list, which identified the top 50 who will wield the most influence over the future direction of accounting. He also appeared in the list in 2006.

The New Statesman, Britain's leading political magazine, announced in May 2008 that www.hmrconline.com had been nominated for a New Media Award in the category of Campaign For Change. The full press release can be downloaded here.

All sites within the KenFrost.com network are being archived by the British Library, which selects and archives sites to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage; as a result they will remain available to researchers in the future.

The archive includes a wide variety of websites including (but not limited to) e-theses, research papers, literary and creative projects, government websites, museum web pages, blogs and sites of cultural, historical and political importance.

The consortium running the archive aims to ensure that these invaluable scholarly, cultural and scientific resources remain available for future generations.

In November 2007 Ken reached the finals of Accountant of the Year held by the Association of International Accountants at the President's Awards Dinner 2007. This award is designed to recognise organisations' accountancy stars.

In January 2007 Ken was awarded, based on recommendations from fellow members of the ICAEW, a New Year's Honour by AccountingWeb. The award was for his services to the accountancy profession in opposing the merger of the ICAEW with other accountancy bodies.


"He has done the most for the ICAEW in recent times, and his messages now command widespread support amongst its members and students."

In November 2006 Ken was awarded an honorary fellowship of the Institute of Professional Financial Managers (IPFM), for his services to the accountancy profession. Please see Phoenix Press Release for full details.

In January 2006 Accountancy Age placed him on their Financial Power List for 2006. He was 11th on their list of the top 50 of "The Ones To Watch". The list identified the "most influential names to look out for" in the world of finance for 2006.

In addition to developing and growing the KenFrost.com network of sites, Ken is happy to discuss and explore any business opportunties/proposals (both national and international); which make use of his experience and skill sets. He is a director of Phoenix Commercial Ventures Ltd, Hana Electronics, a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Councils (the Gerson Lehrman Group Councils are global networks of executives, physicians, scientists, engineers, attorneys, and other professionals who deliver expertise and decision-making assistance to business, government and investment leaders from around the world) and is an Advisor with Guidepoint Global (Guidepoint Global is a global consulting and research firm that delivers superior, customised expertise and research tools to professionals in finance, professional services and industry. Clients include some of the world's leading private equity firms, mutual funds, hedge funds and strategy consultancies).

Ken writes articles covering business issues for Gerson Lehrman News, and is an Accounting & Financial Analysis Council Member (AFA Council Members include CFOs, former top regulatory body officials, partners from the world's leading accounting firms, academics, forensic accountants, and other financial executives).

The news articles can be accessed via this link Gerson Lehrman News.

He is available to act as a consultant and non-executive director (both within the UK and on an international basis).