Synopsis of Sites

Accountants Can Cook
Accountants Can Cook recounts anecdotes of my travels to various cities and regions around the world including; Seoul, New York, Salt Lake City, Johannesburg, Stockholm, The Baltics, Moscow and Windhoek. Additionally, it contains 120 of my favourite recipes amassed during 40 years of travelling, eating and cooking.

Contact Me
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Experience South Africa
I have spent many years travelling and working around the world, I also have a passion for good food and good living.

One particular area of the world that I have visited, whilst working for De Beers, was South Africa. South Africa has an abundance of life enhancing experiences for the traveller (both business and tourist alike).

In order to give you a flavour of my time there, I have created

Please visit it, and enjoy!

Frost Bites
I have always enjoyed cooking and eating; and have compiled, for publication, a selection of 120 of my favourite recipes together with anecdotes of my travels from around the world. This website contains a small sample of my favourites, which I hope will whet your appetite.

Up to date news and discussion of ICAEW (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) policy and strategy.

In Your Face
This site contains thought provoking opinions on topical issues of the day. I publish articles on an ad hoc basis.

Ken's Blue Blog
As part of my long term strategy for world domination, I have decided to borrow a leaf from those "well respected" and "popular" world leaders; such as Colonel Gaddafi and others, who have outlined their views on the meaning of life etc.

However, instead of writing my own little "Red" or "Green Book" I pen a daily "Blue Blog"; where I present my musings on the "bleedin' obvious", giving my views on any subject that enters my head.

Ken's Cookware
Here you can view a selection of products, and wines, that have been designed to fulfil your culinary and drinking needs; as well as to enhance your kitchen and home.

Loans and Finance
Loans and Finance - up to date information and views on loans, finance and business issues.

Michael Jackson's Trials
"Michael Jackson's Trials" provided news, information and stories about the progress of the trials involving the late Michael Jackson.

Named and Shamed
This site names and shames squalid buildings, derelict land, streets and other areas in Croydon that are a blight on the community and the environment.

In order to shame and "motivate" the owners, and Croydon Council, into cleaning up and improving those areas that have been "named and shamed".

Nanny Knows Best
A site dedicated to exposing, and resisting, the all pervasive nanny state that is corroding the way of life and the freedom of the people of Britain.

Restaurant Reviews
This site contains reviews of the restaurants which Eva, my partner, and I have visited. It also contains information of interest to gastronomes and foodies.

Stupid Punts
Examples of the Nigerian scam form around the world.

The Emporium
Visit my on line store and "Buy The Brand".

The Endowment Diary
During the eighties, endowment mortgages were the popular method of financing a mortgage. Some 8 million people in the UK now own an endowment policy. It is expected that the majority of these policies will fail to pay off the mortgage debt that they were designed to honour. The latest estimate is that there will be a $80BN shortfall, in fact some people expect that this will top $200BN.

The endowment policy mis-selling scandal is one of the worst financial scandals to hit the UK. The Endowment Diary provides up to date news and views on the endowment scandal.

The Forum
A a message board where visitors can publicly air their views on any subject of their choice.

The Mall
A simple easy to use shopping mall, that houses over 130 international brand names.

Using The Mall you are able to buy a veritable cornucopia of products and services including; food, wine, fashion, insurance, credit, books and holidays.

The Olympics
"The Olympics" provides up to date news, information and stories about the events in and around the Olympics from 2004 to the present day.

Saddam Hussein's Trial
Saddam Hussein's Trial provided up to date news on the trial of Saddam Hussein, former dictator of Iraq; it now covers the aftermath of the Iraq war.

Views of the News
A satirical slant on the news headlines from around the world, updated on a daily basis.

Worse Than Worthless
Organisations and companies that are, in my opinion, "Worse Than Worthless".