Monday 25 June 2007

Arrowcroft and Croydon Council's Special Relationship

In understand that under the terms of the contract that Arrowcroft signed with Croydon Council, they were obliged to provide Croydon Council with a Viability Assessment Report and Five Year Plan.

Guess what?

Yes, that's right, Croydon Council have waived the need for Arrowcroft to provide such a report.

How very convenient!

To my simple mind, this surely means that the contract between Croydon Council and Arrowcroft is now void.

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Anonymous said...

I was told the story of the Arena by an Arrowcroft man the other day.

Apparently it was alive and well till about three years ago when it was killed by the council - probably out of boredom.

Then May 2006 comes around. New councillors. Same council officers.

The scheme then came alive.

True the council has always been worried that Arrowcroft will sue them for breach of this contract, but the contract is as you report. Full of holes.

Keep up the good work. Stanhope are soon to be properly on site. The public enquiry into the CPO will crush Arrowcroft.

It will be like a bad dream. Sad really, since Stanhope could have built their entire scheme by now if the council had not blocked regeneration...