Sunday 10 June 2007

Where's The Arena?

The Arrowcroft and Croydon Council arena propaganda sheet (Spring 2007), referring to the poorly publicised Whitgift exhibition of the arena model in October 2006, says:

"Sadly a number of newsletters advertising the public exhibition were delayed in the post, arriving too late for people to attend the event. Plans are currently underway to hold a second exhibition in central Croydon. As soon as these are finalised, the dates and location will be publicised."

It is now mid June, yet no sign of an exhibition.

Why is this then?

My sources tell me that the model of the arena was shown to investors and developers etc in May. However, the general public were not permitted to gaze upon it during the recent Expo at Centrale, Whitgift and the Clocktower.

Seemingly the model is being withheld from public gaze, and cross examination, because of the need to prepare for the September public inquiry.

The fact that Arrowcroft and the council have been aware of the public inquiry for sometime now, makes one wonder as to what they have been doing all of this time.

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