Tuesday 19 June 2007

Arrowcroft Cancel Junket

In the face of public anger, Arrowcroft have cancelled their all expenses paid junket to Hamburg for Croydon councillors.

It seems that some of the councillors who were invited, quite rightly, realised that their voters would not stand for it and so declined the invitations.

Arrowcroft told the Croydon Guardian:

"It's a huge missed opportunity for the councillors that would have really helped them to deal very knowledgeably with the concerns and questions of people in their ward."

Nonsense, the two sites (as can be seen from the satellite photos) are like chalk and cheese; the trip was nothing more than an excuse for Arrowcroft to try to change the minds of those councillors who oppose the unwanted arena development.

I wonder if this site had some role to play in putting a stop to this trip?

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