Friday 15 June 2007

Spot The Difference

Here's a little game of "Spot The Difference", for the council and Arrowcroft to play to this weekend.

The first link takes you to a satellite photo of the Hamburg arena, the second link takes you to a satellite photo of the site where Arrowcroft and the council want to build their unwanted arena

-Hamburg Arena

-Croydon arena site

I wonder if anyone from the council or Arrowcroft can spot the differences?

Here's a few clues:
  • In Hamburg there is ample space for cars to park, and for coaches containing performers and their entourages to offload etc.

  • The Hamburg arena is surrounded by forest, and a good way away from residential and commercial areas.

  • The Hamburg arena road routes are designated for specific forms of traffic. The west/east road on the southern side is for taxis only on the left side, and only for buses, and shuttle buses for Stellinger station on the right.
Now we come to the site for the Croydon arena.

Do I really need to point out the differences?

-Located in the middle of an urban sprawl
-Located near to residential and commercial areas
-No dedicated roads
-No space for parking or coaches etc

Seriously, who are the council and Arrowcroft trying to kid when they say the two schemes are comparable?

How stupid do they think we are?


Anonymous said...

Dear Ken

As time goes on, there seems less and less merit in the Arrowcroft scheme (not that there was much to start with---all "regeneration" and "vision" propaganda of the usual sort).

Could it be that the Council are anxious to give Arrowcroft the land via the CPO so that Arrowcroft don't find themselves in trouble for defaulting on promises to BPA and others?

Why on earth should the future of this important site be influenced or decided by such factors?


Gordon Thompson, Addiscombe

Ken Frost said...


Thanks for the message.

I fully agree with you.

The arena plan has less merit day by day. BTW, it didn't have much merit in the first place, as you say.

The desire to push ahead by council is driven, in my view, not by the needs of the citizens of the borough but by the desire of the council to avoid litigation from Arrowcroft.

The question therefore arises, why did the council (albeit a Labour one at the time) get themselves into this mess in the first place?

Why should we, the cistizens of Croydon, suffer for their incompetence?